A Few Key Pointers to a Successful Weight Cut

ELAC-Banner1 If you're involved in a sport that requires you to make a certain weight, the weight cut can be one of the worst parts of competing if you struggle to cut weight. However, there are several ways to cut weight successfully without making you feel awful, even if you hit the limit. Here are a few key pointers on what is needed for a breezy weight cut.

Know Your Body

Firstly, it is very important to know your body and how it reacts. When you cut weight for the first time, you need to make sure you do a trial run first. When I was cutting weight for the first time in my life, I got down to weight and then had a sparring session the next day. This makes sure you can compete at the top of your game when you're at the weight you're scheduled to compete at. Your nutrition is the most important part leading into the week of a cut. It is a stressful time both emotionally and physically.  It’s all about trial and error; sometimes taking advice right before a cut may not be the best decision… again it’s all about knowing your body. As an example: a heavier fighter may drink a specific amount of water the day before weigh-ins, but you fight at a lower weight class. The body weights are completely different so be careful who you take advice from because again, everyone is different. Don’t stray too much from what you know. While training for a fight, I basically eat the same thing each day. My body knows the food well, I know how my body will react or feel from the foods I eat and I don’t get any surprises the week of the fight. Eating something out of the blue because someone says to, can throw your digestion into a twist and sometimes upset your stomach and your bowel movements.

Nutrients are Key

The food you eat while cutting weight is of the utmost importance. Eating extremely nutrient dense foods are the key to feeling good during a cut. Luckily I’ve been very active this year in fighting and got to experiment a lot with different amounts going into the cut day. Eating more and keeping the weight up but doing a longer cut is what works for me. The weight came off easy, I had energy, felt great while competing. But I finally got it right and in balance on the third fight this year. The food I ate was extremely nutrient dense, like kale and spinach salads and smoothies. Making sure I’m getting my energy from fruit the morning, I’ll usually have a small smoothie before the cut and drink water during the cut to let my body know that I’m still consuming water, this will help make my body release more water while cutting.

Sweat Sessions

Million dollar question is what is best to use for a weight cut? Firstly depending on your weight and how much you have to lose, you have to make these decisions beforehand. If you have to cut a lot and lower your nutrient intake then have a sweat sessions or training sessions while low on energy is never fun. If you are close to weight have plenty of energy and want to walk off a few pounds, then great, but you don’t want to deplete your energy knowing you have to fight the next day. I’m not a big fan of the sauna because of how hot they get and how bad they can make you feel. I want my cut to be as easy as possible, and for me that’s by taking a hot bath. Not boiling hot so it’s hard to get into, but a nice heat that doesn’t make you too uncomfortable. I put on a movie and go from being fully submerged. I do this on and off until my weight is ideal. I usually get the last 1-2lbs off from just sitting outside the bath and letting the sweat come out. Again knowing your body is the key to feeling good during the cut as well as during the fight. Screenshot_12-eat-like-a-champEat Like a Champ is a nutrition and fitness membership program founded by UFC star Urijah Faber and MMA fighter Adam Corrigan. Together, they provide expert tips on fitness, nutrition and provide recipes and challenges. If you need any more information go towww.eatlikeachamp.com. Use the promo code MMAJR for 33% off a six month membership of the Eat Like a Champ nutrition and fitness program. mmmjr_promo    

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