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As you can probably tell by the title, this post is basically going to be me telling you guys who I think is the most dangerous challenger to each belt and why. I am going to start with Flyweight and finish with Heavyweight.

Flyweight: (C) Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson has beaten Joseph Benavidez twice now so I'm not going to include him in this. DJ has also beaten John Dodson once, but in my opinion he now is the most dangerous threat to DJ's belt. John Dodson was doing really well against Johnson until he got tired, then DJ took control of the fight, but in his last fight, Dodson looked calm and composed, he rocked Darrell Montague but didn't rush, his cardio also looked slightly better in the Montague fight, this is why I think he is the most dangerous threat to Demetrious Johnson's belt.

Bantamweight: (C) Renan Barao

In my eyes Urijah Faber was never going to beat Barao at UFC 169, I do like him more as a fighter though and that is why I picked him to win. On another note, Eddie Wineland caused Barao problems with his movement on the feet and Barao couldn't really hit him in the first round, he then worked out his timing and knocked him out in the second. Wineland had good movement, but nowhere near as good as Former Champion Dominick Cruz and his movement and precision striking and excellent wrestling is the reason why I think he's the most dangerous threat to Renan's belt.

Featherweight: (C) Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo is a supreme fighter, he is so good but the only thing that is bad about him is that he has poor cardio, that is probably because he has a extremely hard weight cut. If it weren't for this cardio problem I think Jose Aldo would finish his opponents quicker.  The fighter that I think is the most dangerous threat to Jose Aldo's crown is Chad Mendes, yes he has beaten Mendes before but Chad has improved a lot since then. When they first fought, everyone knew that Aldo had excellent striking, excellent take down defence, and excellent submissions, but people only knew about Chad Mendes' wrestling. Now, they know about his wrestling as well which will give the Champion Aldo another thing to think about if they fight again.

Lightweight: (C) Anthony Pettis

This was an extremely hard one for me to pick, but I have decided. A lot of fans think Benson Henderson in the number one threat to the title, but in my eyes it is Josh Thomson. Thomson displayed excellent grappling against Benson Henderson and showed fantastic striking against Nate Diaz. Both Pettis and Thomson have excellent striking and Pettis managed to stop the take downs of Benson Henderson who is a strong, heavy wrestler and Josh Thomson managed to outwrestle Henderson, and for this reason, I think Josh Thomson is the most dangerous threat to Anthony Pettis' title.

Welterweight: Vacant

George St. Pierre stepped away from the sport recently because of personal issues. This means that the Welterweight title is vacant, and Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will fight for it at UFC 171. Johny Hendricks lost a controversial decision to GSP in November last year. As the title is vacant, I won't be doing the most dangerous challenger, I will be writing about who I think will win the title at UFC 171, and my answer is: Johny Hendricks, he has superior wrestling to Lawler but they are both excellent stand up fighter with a lot of power, if I was Hendricks, I would take Lawler down and beat him up on the ground.

Middleweight: (C) Chris Weidman 

This is another hard one for me as there is so many challengers in the MW division, but I did manage to choose, there are so many great fighters at MW but I chose Lyoto Machida, I think he has the capabilities, this is because he has excellent striking and excellent take down defense, but most of all he is very elusive and can avoid almost every strike you throw, I think he will beat Gegard Mousasi at UFC Fight Night 36, then get a title shot and become the third UFC fighter to win a title in two weight classes.

Light Heavyweight: (C) Jon Jones

The LHW division has been dominated by one man ever since he entered the UFC, that man is the current Champion Jon Jones, he has breezed through every opponent... Except for one, and that man was Alexander Gustafsson, this is exactly why I think he is the biggest threat to Jon Jones' title. Gus used his reach to smash Jon Jones with hard punches and used movement to stop his take downs, he also landed some take downs on Jones, the only thing that failed him was his cardio, with some improvement of this there is a huge chance that Gustafsson can become the new king at 205.

Heavyweight: (C) Cain Velasquez

Junior dos Santos was seen as the biggest threat to Cain's title until Cain brutally dominated him twice. Now, in my opinion the biggest threat to Cain's title is Travis Browne, Browne has a long reach, and pretty good take down defense, he also trains in one of the best if not the best gym in the world, Jacksons MMA. The world class coaches at Jacksons will surely set out an excellent game plan that may possibly be able to dethrone the current HW champion Cain Velasquez.

Thanks for reading and if you have anything to add to this then please comment and let us know.

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