Chris Weidman – a true Champion or not?

Hello Junior Fight Fans! 

Lots of people believe Chris Weidman (11-0 MMA), the current Middleweight Champion is a true champion, a really good fighter.  Other people believe even though he defeated Anderson Silva twice in a row, he's not the best Middleweight fighter out there.  I am here to discuss my opinions on this topic.

Anderson Silva will always be the greatest Middleweight fighter in the UFC of all time.  Unless some 24 year old kid comes a long in a year and demolishes the whole division.  Which is doubtful.

Chris Weidman knocked Anderson Silva out last summer.  It was a great surprise, but watching the way Silva was acting, was suspected.  Of course you're going to get KO'd if you're teasing, not covering your face, exactly what Silva was doing.  Yes, Weidman won the fight, fair and square.  Nothing was controlling Anderson to tease Weidman or anything like that - The Spider made that choice.

Then, the long awaited rematch occurred just before the New Year.  Chris successfully defended the belt, but again, in a fashion where some will say it doesn't prove anything.  All the win proved last December was that Weidman can break legs.  Anderson Silva broke his leg.  Weidman then successfully defended the Middleweight title.

2 wins in a row, and I still don't think Weidman is the ultimate UFC fighter in Middleweight.  He will get beat soon, I believe.  Neither 2 fights he won against Silva really proved anything, in my eyes.  We do know Weidman is no 'cake-wok'.  He's 11-0 in MMA, so of course he's a good fighter.  As good as Anderson Silva?  I don't think so.  If Anderson went up against him like his normal self (Silva seemed too serious at the 2nd fight) I think Silva would beat Chris.  A young Silva would demolish Chris Weidman. 

Chris Weidman won't defend his belt as long as Anderson.  Yes, he's a good fighter.  I don't believe he's amazing, though.  He'll get put to the test when he faces Vitor Belfort for the Middleweight title on May 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

We'll see, soon enough.

What are your opinions on Chris Weidman?  Will he defend his belt for along time, or get beat pretty quick?

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