EFN 50: Full Transcript from Russian Play-by-Play Commentator Covering Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabio Maldonado

Fedor vs Fabio Eurasia Fight Nights (EFN) 50 took place on Friday, June 17th from the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg, Russia. The UFC Fight Pass streamed card featured 15 fights in total, having 5 fights go to a decision with the remaining 10 ending via stoppage in the first round. Vitaly Minakov earned himself a 62-second submission victory over Peter Graham, extending his undefeated streak to 18-0. The main event featured legend Fedor Emelianenko scoring a controversial majority decision victory over veteran Fabio Maldonado. The real man who stole the show was play-by-play commentator "Ramon," riding solo throughout the entire EFN 50 fight card with an occasional guest appearance. His style of commentating made social media react both positively or negatively citing his humor, bias towards Russian fighters, and heavy excitement exhibited throughout the promotion's main event. Below is the full transcript from the play-by-play commentator's coverage of Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabio Maldonado. Round 1: Fedor Emelianenko takes the center of the octagon. Fedor Emelianenko. Nice jab, oh, again! Nice, nice striking by Fedor Emelianenko! And I think it’s going to be all over! Look at this! That’s Fedor’s work! Oh, what a body punch by Fedor! Woah, what a start by Fedor Emelianenko. That’s The Last Emperor. Good combination, so heavy hands, so much knockouts from our Russian legend, and different, and different tournaments in Pride, in (*can’t tell*), in Strikeforce. Good combination again by Fedor! Fabio Maldonado is stunned. Uhh he’s upset, I don’t know what to say. Uh, I think that Fabio Maldonado is still thinking how to survive, how to get out of the octagon alive! Fedor Emelianenko steps forward. Oh, woah, woah! Look at this! What’s happening? Fedor is uh - stop the fight! No, Viktor Korneev didn’t stop the fight. Oh my gosh! Fedor Emelianenko is on his back! He’s fighting back! That could be a sensation! Fabio Maldonado is on top! Oh my god! Oh my goodness! Look what’s happening! Hard arms (?) for Fedor Emelianenko. That was just nearly un-expectable. From the left hook from Fabio Maldonado. Two minutes passed. I can’t believe my eyes, what - what is going on? Fedor Emelianenko is so close to another loss. But we all know Fedor Emelianenko’s character. But Fabio Maldonado is ready, is ready to finish Fedor. Oh, one again! Fedor Emelianenko is stunned, he can see’s the punches. He eats these punches! I can’t believe my eyes, what’s going on? Fedor Emelianenko stands up, but still is stunned, oh my goodness! Fedor Emelianenko is so close to a knockout! Fabio Maldonado goes forward! Oh my goodness, Viktor Korneev is just right beside, right beside The Last Emperor, who is going to be uncrowned now. Fabio Maldonado, with his striking ability. Body punches from Brazilian striker, I can’t believe what I’m seeing! And I - Fedor Emelianenko fights back! He is still on his feet! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Fedor Emelianenko conceding punches from Fabio Maldonado! Yes! Yes! Come on! Come on! Go Emelianenko! Good strike from The Last Emperor! And good attack from Fabio Maldonado, once again! One minute and thirty seconds to go in the first round. So hard round for Fedor. Counter punches from Fedor Emelianenko! Bloody nose on The Last Emperor. That’s a sensational first round! Well, I think that Fedor Emelianenko somehow a little bit (*can’t tell*) Fabio Maldonado and his striking ability again! Fedor eats these punches, he’s barely standing on his feet! Fedor is stunned, he can - he can hardly move! He can hardly defend himself! What a round. What a round! Fabio Maldonado is so close to the sensation. Several uppercuts from Brazilian! Forty seconds! Fedor Emelianenko spit it out, his mouthpiece. Goodness! Oh my goodness! Fabio Maldonado, oh, what an uppercut by Brazilian, another one! A knee to the body from The Last Emperor! Fedor Emelianenko! So hard round, fifteen seconds. Nice jab by Fedor! You can see the crowd, everybody is standing! Everybody is in his feet - on his feet! Woah. Round 2: Such heavy hands for Fedor. Body punch from Brazilian. Fedor Emelianenko steps forward, low hands from Fedor. Nice jab! Nice combin - oh! And again, good striking from Fabio Maldonado. Fedor Emelianenko just massive concede these punches. So heavy striking by Fabio Maldonado. What a sensational fight, and after that, of course, I’m not sure that Fedor Emelianenko will be signed in the UFC unfortunately. This fight for Fedor Emelianenko had to be an easy money. Oh, a knee to the head of Fabio Maldonado! But missed! Hear the crowd - oh! Nice, nice strike by Fedor Emelianenko! Some knees to the head, good combination! Fabio Maldonado is trying to survive, but still Brazilian is so dangerous for Fedor. Nice low kick, excellent low kick; very useful for Fedor. No, no, no, better defense, better defense for Fedor! Oh, that was dangerous, but Fedor saw everything. He was just completely ready. Nice high kick from Fedor! I don’t know what happened to Fabio Maldonado, why did he stop fighting? And he invites Fedor Emelianenko to attack! Preparing his counter punches, his counter right hook. Fabio Maldonado invites Fedor Emelianenko to attack. Fedor Emelianenko has to act very careful, thinking about the defense. I wonder why Fabio Maldonado stop fighting? Why doesn’t he attack? What’s wrong with him? Fedor Emelianenko steps forward, he arises his pressure on Fabio, nice combinations again! But Fabio Maldonado is still alright, he is still dangerous. Good combination! But Fabio Maldonado doesn’t fight back, I wonder why? One minute and thirty seconds to go. Nice combinations from Fedor Emelianenko! But still, Fabio Maldonado shows good defense. He isn’t stunned, he’s ready to continue. Some jabs from Fedor, good answer from Fabio Maldonado. Woah, Fedor Emelianenko is down again! But he stands up. Oh, nice shot by Fabio Maldonado. I’m not sure that Fedor is going to win even this round, because if we’re speaking about the damage it was particularly the same. Body shot from Fabio Maldonado, forty seconds to go. What a fight, ladies and gentlemen, what a sensational bout. Nice body kick, and Fabio Maldonado is waiting until The Last Emperor will stand up! I don’t know what’s going on? What the hell is going on in the octagon? Fabio Maldonado doesn’t answer. Again. Round 3: I know that Fabio Maldonado respects the legend, but uh, it is a sport. Nice, very nice! Fedor Emelianenko tries to keep the distance, started jabbing. Nice knee to the body from Fedor, nice combination - oh! He’s hurt! Fabio Maldonado is hurt! And he - oh, what a nice left hook from Fabio Maldonado. Yes! Fabio Maldonado connected some punches. Nice low kick. I wish Fedor could make some more low kicks, or some more kicks to the head, to the hip, I don’t know, to the body. Something like that. Nice, nice left hook from Fabio Maldonado. Nice body strike by Fedor! The crowd is shouting, “Fedor! Fedor!” That means Fedor. Nice jab, nice jab from Fabio Maldonado! Nice counter punch from Fedor, knee to the head! Fabio Maldonado doesn’t fight back, just one strike. Three minutes to go in this fight, Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabio Maldonado. Jab from Fedor, not much - not much action for now. Nice left hook, and again combinations from Fedor! Throwing bombs, though, Fabio Maldonado’s head! But Brazilian is really tough. Has a very strong chin, and even if Fedor, even Fedor can knock him out, that’s the level. Nice low kick from Fabio. Nice body shot from Fabio Maldonado. I don’t know why Fedor Emelianenko doesn’t want to wrestle with his opponent? Nice left hook from Fabio! Oh, so dangerous strikes by Brazilian. Fedor looks at the screen; he realizes that there are two minutes to go. So, two hard minutes for Fedor Emelianenko. Bloody mess inside of face from Fabio Maldonado, so bloody fight. The ruined face of Fedor Emelianenko. One minute and thirty seconds to go! Nice jab from Fedor, what a miss! Fedor is exhausted and I don’t know what to say about Fabio, if he is exhausted or if he just doesn’t want to beat the legend. But, if it is - nice combination, nice combination again! Woah! Accurate punches from Fedor! But still, Fabio Maldonado is on his feet and he is jabbing. Sharp jabs from Brazilian! Thirty seconds to go! Good knee! Two weak for Fabio Maldonado to knock him out. Oh, nice, nice counter punches from Fabio! Thirteen seconds! Oh, dangerous straight right hand from Fabio Maldonado! This is it! The fight is over, the fight is all over! Missed EFN 50? You can replay the entire event here.

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