Foods to Eat Before, During and After a Workout

ELAC-Banner1 Being a fighter or an athlete of any sport, you need to prep your meals and eat them at the right time to ensure your energy levels are high during the intense part of your sessions. Below is a short guide on eating the right things at the right time to get the most out of your workouts. Before Workouts You want to keep in mind the length of warm-up you have. If some are short (15 minutes), you would want to eat 45 minutes to 1 hour before your session. If the warm-ups are long (30-45 minutes) then you would want to eat 15-30 minutes before your session starts. Now, how much should you be eating? I never have a big meal before a morning workout. When I do, I tend to feel heavy, slower and a little lethargic due to sugar spike from the large amounts of food I’ll eat. Let’s be honest -- training on a full stomach is no fun! Firstly, I’ll go with a fruit smoothie which usually contains two-four bananas depending on size, some berries or an apple and I’ll blend with either water or one of three different milks: almond, quinoa or rice milk. Animal milk is manufactured to a pretty poor product these days, so try to avoid it if you can. The fruit is high in energy and great natural sugars for your body to run on. Being in a smoothie, it digests nice and slow but without the heavy feeling other foods might give you. I’ve been doing this for about five years now and feel great. Before this I ate oatmeal and felt hungry half way through training. If I ate double the oatmeal I would feel twice as hungry. Fruit smoothies win that battle every day! During Workouts If you’re an MMA fighter, it's rare you’ll have to eat midway through a session. However, if you do get a little hungry and need to eat something, a small banana will do fine, or a couple of mejool dates are great to snack on and are very high in energy with a great taste. If you’re an endurance athlete and do long sessions, marathons and/or triathlons, bananas and mejool dates are perfect for a quick refuel while training. After Workouts After training you need to refuel and replace the muscles with the energy it burnt off. Two things need to come into account here. We need something with sugar to replace the glucose the muscle needss to work and also protein to help repair the muscle tissue and cells we broke down during the session. So around 20 minutes after a session, ingesting something small like a handful of almonds and an apple is perfect. The apple and almond combination is a great amount of protein and sugar. Get that in your system, hit the showers and get on with your day. When eating dinner you’re aiming for a main protein like fish or chicken and the rest should be vegetables or some sort of salad. The protein and salad will only help your body recover more while you’re sleeping and hopefully you’ll feel refreshed in the morning. You don’t need carbs at night because if you don’t burn it off in six to eight hours it will turn to fat. I only recommend eating carbs like rice or pasta at night if you have an early morning workout and you don’t eat breakfast beforehand, but you should always eat breakfast so that should almost never be the case. Try this out and let us know how you feel before, during and after training. Screenshot_12 -- Eat Like a Champ is a nutrition and fitness membership program founded by UFC star Urijah Faber and MMA fighter Adam Corrigan. Together, they provide expert tips on fitness, nutrition and provide recipes and challenges. If you need any more information go Use the promo code MMAJR for 33% off a six month membership of the Eat Like a Champ nutrition and fitness program. mmmjr_promo

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