My Dream Card for UFC 200

Hello everyone!

UFC 200 will be happening in about 2 years or so, as there's about 10-13 UFC PPV events per year.  UFC 200, whenever it happens, wherever it happens, will be huge.  I suspect it will be in a huge stadium somewhere in the United States. 

I know nothing THIS big would ever happen, but I just wanted to share the card I'd want at UFC 200.  This would be like the UFC's Superbowl.  Except it would be bigger, because nothing like this would happen very often. 

There would be no preliminaries, as all these fights would be great and in a usual UFC event they would all make co-main or main event of the evening.  The whole event is a PPV event and costs $120 to rent, double than a regular PPV event.

So...introducing my dream card that for me, would be featured at UFC 200!  Please note, these fight matchups are based on what's going on right now.  My matchups would probably be different in 2 years. 

Travis Browne vs. Rashad Evans

Bigfoot Silva vs. Daniel Cormier

Johny Hendricks vs. Carlos Condit

Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber

Renan Barao vs. Demetrious Johnson

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira

Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis

Vitor Belfort vs. Ronaldo Souza

Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida

Alistair Overeem vs. Junior Dos Santos

Co-main Event: Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre

Main Event: Cain Velasquez vs. Jon Jones

This would never happen, because they'd all take at least a few months to recover, probably even more since I think they'd all be close fights and both fighters would be somewhat injured.  This would definitely attract A TON of viewers, and I think many people would pay 120 dollars to see this event.  It would truly be the greatest sporting event of all time.  DEFINITELY the greatest MMA event. 

Once you think about it, this could happen, doubtfully.  If they would make quadruple the amount of money they usually make at a PPV event, they'd be good with just doing free fights for a few months.  Is any of this likely to happen, no.  Technically, it could though. 

No matter what, UFC 200 WILL be big.  This big?  HIGHLY doubtful.

So, let me know who'd you like to see in your Fantasy Card for UFC 200!

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