Why this could be Nate Diaz’s last UFC appearance

Controversial UFC star Nate Diaz has been out for over a year. He last fought Gray Maynard in the third fight of a very exciting trilogy. He has been inactive because of retirement talks and money complaints, but he returns at UFC on FOX 13, and I think it will be his last UFC appearance.
Ezra Shaw|Zuffa LLC|Zuffa LLC

Ezra Shaw|Zuffa LLC|Zuffa LLC

I feel many of you may of disagreed with me before last nights weigh-ins, but after Diaz missed weight by 4lbs, many people think its the last time we'll see the younger half of the Diaz brothers in the octagon. Diaz looked excellent in his fight with Gray Maynard, and it seemed he would be able to make another push at the title after it, but the unpredictable Diaz did the opposite. Diaz criticized the UFC over pay and rejected numerous contract offers. Diaz asked the UFC for more pay time and time again, but the UFC wouldn't give it to him, so he decided to 'retire'. Diaz was out of the octagon for a long time and criticized the UFC continuously over pay and other things. With Diaz criticizing the pay, you would be sure he would come in raring to go, looking to put on a spectacular performance and walk away with a post-fight bonus. Apparently not. Diaz missed weight by 4lbs, which means he will lose 20% of his purse and will be stripped of any post-fight bonus. In my opinion, this is Nate Diaz telling the UFC that he doesn't care anymore, he's telling them that he isn't getting payed enough so he won't make the weight. Diaz has been quoted before as saying that he isn't paid enough to make the weight. Thid may well be a statement and this time I don't think it is to get more money. This time, I think it is Nate Diaz trying to tell the UFC that he is at the end of his career with them. UFC president Dana White said that Diaz has done nothing but complain since signing the bout agreement with Rafael Dos Anjos. Diaz is becoming quite hard for the UFC to deal with and I think, after this fight, the UFC will be willing to let him go.

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