ROC 1 Weigh-In Results

5126ae90-ec0f-4936-82c4-ee102d6bfcc8 The Rise of Champions (ROC) 1 weigh-ins took place on Oct. 16 from the City Pavilion in Romford, UK. 24 fighters hit the scale prior to their bouts the following night at ROC 1, headlined by a welterweight bout between Bill Beaumont and David Round. has the results of the weigh-ins listed below. Welterweight: Bill Beaumont (169.9lbs) vs. David Round (168.8lbs) Featherweight: Daniel Crawford (145.3lbs) vs. Hermann Grebaba (142.2lbs) Welterweight: Alex Lohore (168.2lbs) vs. Carl Booth (171lbs) Amateur heavyweight: Ivan Stoyanov (245lbs) vs. Juan Hernandez (219.2lbs) Amateur featherweight: Makesa Mwanza (145.9lbs) vs. Joshua Onwordi (145.4lbs) Amateur bantamweight: Rob Harris (134.8lbs) vs. Javid Basharat (135.7lbs) Amateur featherweight: Diego Barbosa (142.5lbs) vs. Lucas Reali (145.2lbs) Amateur featherweight: Mike Ekundayo (143.9lbs) vs. Richie Katona (144.5lbs) Amateur 73kg catchweight: Philip Weaire-Gil (71.3kg) vs. Tom Mowle (73.8kg*) Amateur bantamweight: Ali El-Fouani (133.1lbs) vs. Oliver Childs (130.5lbs) Amateur welterweight: Lester Piggot (168.8lbs) vs. Danny Nash (166.4lbs) Amateur welterweight: Raymond Asare (164.8lbs) vs. Mike Dean (166.6lbs) Amateur 74kg catchweight: Reece Jones (72.8kg) vs. Craig Arnold (73kg) Amateur bantamweight: Lone'er Kavanagh (132.5lbs) vs. Jawany Scott (134lbs) Amateur 63kg catchweight: Jabriel Romesi (61.8kg) vs. André Roldan (61.1kg) *Missed weight; elected not to weigh-in for second attempt

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