Rousey & Zingano both pass random tests ahead of UFC 184

The out of competition drug tests issued to both main event fighters ahead of UFC 184 have came back, and it's a huge relief for the UFC as they came back clean.
Christopher Capozziello|Zuffa LLC|Zuffa LLC

Christopher Capozziello|Zuffa LLC|Zuffa LLC

UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey and 'Alpha' Cat Zingano both passed the out of competition drug tests issued to them. It is great news for the UFC as only a couple of days ago they announced more stricter testing and harsher punishments. There was speculation on Twitter that Cat Zingano had actually failed her drug test but with the news that the official results have came back clean, that rumor has been shut down. MMA Junkie reported that Zingano was issued to take a drug test on Feb. 11 and Rousey a day later on Feb. 11. This news is a huge relief to the UFC as this may be the most anticipated women's title fight since the division started. It is also a huge sigh of relief as titleholder Rousey is a top role model for the UFC and for the sport of women's MMA.

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