Watch Shock N Awe 22 on on April 16

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions Shock N Awe 22 takes place live from the The Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth, Hampshire on April 16. You can watch the full card live exclusively on at a discount of 20% of its original price of $10.00 USD. Use the promo code MMAJR20 when ordering above. Fight Card Professional MMA
U205lbs Title: Ryan "The Great" White 10.7.0. (Pro Systems MMA) vs Przemyslaw Mysiala 17.9.0. (Oxford shootfighters)
U265lbs Title: Roman Ship 5.0.0 (Oxford Shootfighters) vs Simus Norkus 3.3.0. (Mat Academy)
U125lbs Title: Brett "Lil Ninja" Caswell 8.1.0. (Gym01) vs Iurie Bejenari 2.1.0. (Fight Factory)
U135lbs: Jamie Pritchard 4.1.0. (Gym01) vs Jay Butler 3.2.0. (ARBJJ)
U125lbs Title: Molly McCann 1.1.0. (Ippon/Gym01) vs Valerie Domergue 1.0.0. (Fight Factory)
U135lbs: Scott Pooley 7.3.0. (Gym01/Poole Thai) vs Martin Sheridan 7.5.0. Shudan MMA)
U125lbs: Owen Gayle 4.4.0. (Gym01) vs Luis Gonzalez 6.1.0. (Team Titan)
U185lbs: Darren Hession 1.0.0. (KBMMA) vs Christophe Picaut 7.3.0. (Fight Factory)
U115lbs: Jade Barker 0.1.0. (Gym01) vs Judith Levi 1.0.0. (France)
Amateur MMA
U205lbs Title: Gareth Hales 1.0.0. (Castle Martial Arts) vs Ian Baker 0.0.0. (Combat Evolution)
U185lbs Title: Jeremy Dingle 2.2.0. (Combat Evolution) vs TBC
U170lbs Title: Luke Tanner 0.0.0. (Lions Den) vs Dalius Sulga 33.1.0. (BKK Fighters)
U155lbs Title: Chris Tallis 4.1.1. (Gym01) vs Piotr Bitels 3.2.0. (Shudan MMA)
U125lbs Title: Elliott Hoye 5.4.0. (Pro Systems MMA) vs Aaron Laleye 5.0.0. (Gods of War)
U145lbs: Alec Connelly 6.3.0. (Mad Hatters) vs Liam Fulford 5.4.0. (KBMMA)
U135lbs: Dillin West 3.3.0. (Gym01) vs Nicholas Fielding 3.2.1. (Guildford MA)
U155lbs: Dan Quatermain 1.1.0. (Gym01) vs Philip Kite 3.2.0. (KBMMA)
U135lbs: Rees Kenny 3.1.0. (ARBJJ) vs Anton DeFreitas 5.4.0. (Gym01)
U125lbs: Ollie Southern 1.0.0. (Gym01) vs Owen Postins-Gower 0.0.0. (Koncept Gym)
U90kg K1: Arthur Ozilins 1.0.0. (Mad Hatters) vs Rhys Brudenell 0.0.0. (Fight Science)
U145lbs: Ed Donnelly 1.0.0. (Gym01) vs Chris Heaney 1.1.0. (ARBJJ)
U135lbs: Aaron Cronk 1.2.0. (Gym01) vs TBC
Semi Professional K1 Kickboxing
Charlie Trott 4.0.0. (Gym 01) vs Sean Callaghan 4.0.0. (Ippon)
Jack Farren 0.0.0. (Gym 01) vs Myles Coakes 0.2.0. (Combat Evolution)

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