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Hello UFC fans,

My name is Nick, I live in Canada and I am a UFC fan.  Call me a JFF, Junior Fight Fan.  I'm 13 years old and love watching UFC.  Many kids and teenagers enjoy watching UFC, and then want to go on an MMA blog to check out what people are saying about the fight.  Often times, the big MMA websites just go into too much detail, and use difficult vocabulary which is sometimes hard for us kids and teens to understand.  We just want to find what we want to find, and that's all! 

I'm here to fix this problem. 

Welcome to UFCjr!  I am pleased to announce the opening of this brand new UFC website, that will be directed at kids.

We're going to post lots of the same content as the big UFC websites, but just shorten and simplify it.  Also, we're not going to post very small things that occur.  For example, an Anderson Silva is Returning rumor is huge.  We all want him back, agreed?  There's some really small events that really just don't matter.  Like a fighter renewing their contract with the UFC.  Alright, he'd be back for sure, but it would be more exciting (but disappointing) if we posted about a fighter retiring.

The blog will be more kid-friendly in general as well.  Every once in a while, I'm going to do this thing where I take people's thoughts on future results and things like that, and post them here.  What you can do is comment them, and once I have a good number of thoughts and ideas, I'll make a post including them. 

I'll also try to make the experience here as fun as possible.  I'll have one or two polls always running, usually on who will win the next fight that's going on.  It doesn't have to be that, though. 

I need ideas for the blog!  If you have any suggestions to make the blog a better experience for everyone, let me know, by either contacting me, or commenting on a post.

One last note:  We are not suggesting in any way under-aged fighting. 

Thank you very much to all you Junior Fight Fans for checking out the new website, come back soon!


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