Why Athletes Need to Eat Healthy

ELAC-Banner1 All human beings require adequate nutrition and water intake in order to achieve optimal health and longevity. Athletes have an even greater requirement for adequate nutrition and though it can be difficult to know what “good nutrition” really means, the main points are quite simple. Ideally, the athlete will have unlimited access to pure water that is free of chemicals. The athlete should also have the ability to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into appealing meals and snacks. Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in critical enzymes and electrolytes, and consuming them reduces the temptation to obtain these necessary electrolytes from hyper-sweetened energy or fluid-replacement drinks. Rounding out the diet with high-quality meats and dairy products is also desired. These should be of varieties that are low in fat and free of additives such as growth hormones or preservatives, and should be consumed in moderation rather than being the focal point of each meal. For example, it is a healthier choice to consume a six ounce chicken breast with a baked potato, steamed vegetables, and a slice of whole grain bread with a fresh green salad than to focus on a twelve ounce steak with only one vegetable on the side and nothing else. Either meal will assuage hunger, but one is definitely a healthier choice than the other. Good nutrition is critical for all people, but athletes in particular, so they can perform to the best of their abilities. Choosing to eat and drink healthy is a choice with lasting benefits to both athletes and non-athletes alike. Screenshot_12-eat-like-a-champ Eat Like a Champ is a nutrition and fitness membership program founded by UFC star Urijah Faber and MMA fighter Adam Corrigan. Together, they provide expert tips on fitness and nutrition and provide recipes and challenges. If you need any more information go to www.eatlikeachamp.com. Use the promo code MMAJR for 33% off a six month membership of the Eat Like a Champ nutrition and fitness program. mmmjr_promo

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