Why Fruits & Vegetables are Crucial for your Athletic Career

ELAC-Banner1 If you’re an eager MMA fighter and wanting to excel your career, your nutrition intake is probably the last thing you’ve thought about. But here is how it can be the secret weapon on top of all your other training. Your body runs on glucose; it needs it to be active and your muscles depend on it to have energy throughout your 1-3 sessions per day. Eating fruit for this is by far the best way to get this glucose. Fruit has fructose which gets broken down by the fruit's natural fibers (other foods containing fructose do not). Fruit also has an incredible amount of vitamins that your body needs to function. Bypassing fruit and taking a multivitamin won’t achieve the same effect in training. For example, if you eat two bananas and an apple before training, you will have plenty of energy. But if you just take a handful of vitamins you won’t feel too great. Replacing your glucose and feeding those muscles after a session is also important and can be done best with fruits as well. Eating an apple or banana 20 minutes after a session is a great way to replace sugars that have been burnt off during your training session. Vegetables are the other piece to the puzzle. They are full of minerals like Sodium and Potassium that are also vital for athletes. Having them in your daily food intake is a key part to recovering and rehydrating. Vegetables like broccoli and asparagus have a large amount of protein and will speed up muscle recovery and have you fresh for the next day. Including these foods in your diet regularly will help muscles recover, joints remain strong, and your energy always be on point for training. As a young fighter you might shy away from fruit and vegetables because you’re unsure and or may not like the taste. But if you’re serious about being the best you must make sacrifices. Eating right is more important than eating what tastes good! Screenshot_12 Next time you wake up try this:
  • Before training - Eat two bananas and an apple or throw all of it in a blender with rice/quinoa/almond milk and drink it about 30-45 minutes before practice.
  • After training – Eat a handful of almonds and an apple.
  • For dinner, include a lot of vegetables and a main protein like tuna or chicken.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day!
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