Will Frank Mir get cut?


Nick here to talk about a decision Dana White will have to make in the upcoming days.  Last night, Saturday, Frank Mir suffered a 4th consecutive loss to Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem. 

Mir has not won a fight for over 2 years.  He lost to Junior Dos Santos in May 2012, Daniel Cormier in April 2013, Josh Barnett in August 2013, and now Alistair Overeem

Should Mir be cut right away, without another chance? Yes.  Will White see this, and fire him from the UFC? Hopefully. 

As you can see above, Mir got the shit beaten out of him. 

I was somewhat surprised when I saw Frank Mir.  He didn't look as out of shape as I thought he was, like Josh Barnett or Roy Nelson.  In my opinion, all 3 of them should be cut.  Josh recently got demolished by Travis Brown, who isn't even that great of a fighter.  Overeem was killing Brown till he got over confident, and had bad coaching.  Terrible coaching.  Nelson recently loss to Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier.  Stipe again, isn't a great fighter.

Bottom line, all 3 of them are out of shape, Roy Nelson is like a cow.  Barnett is chubby too.  Mir is just flat out a bad fighter.  He really didn't stand a chance against Overeem.  Overeem could've killed Mir but chose to play it safe because of the threat of Mir's submissions. 

Mir should be fired right away.  We'll see soon, for sure.  Anyone who said Mir was going to win last night is stupid.  How can you even think that?


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