Will Overeem rise to the top of the Heavyweight Divison?

The question that many of us have, still remains unanswered. 

Alistair Overeem made his excellent UFC debut in December of 2011 when he made a fool of former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar. 

'The Reem' made Lesnar look like a child.  Truly.  Alistair Overeem, was truly invincible and was lined up for a shot at the title, currently held by Junior Dos Santos. 

Long story short, Overeem then was caught for a high Testosterone level.  Then he was suspended for a year.

Then we all patiently waited for the one we thought to be invincible returned.  He had 2 consecutive losses against Bigfoot Silva and Travis Browne.  After those 2 fights, Overeem was close to being cut, if he lost against Frank Mir.  People thought Alistair was a garbage fighter after that.  Some people even said Mir would win. 

Alistair Overeem absolutely KILLED Frank Mir.  Do you know why he loss those 2 fights?  Actually, Alistair was winning those 2 fights until he got over-confident.  In my opinion, when he returned, he was over-confident.  When he saw he could finish Travis, he punched him, lots of them not even hurting Browne one bit.  Then, Overeem was gassed.  Travis got back up and finished the fight just like that.  Bad coaching, is also what it was.  His coaches clearly didn't tell him to pick and choose when he punched the guy, attempting to finish the fight. 

This changed when he was on top of Mir.  In some parts of the fight, Alistair almost made the ref stio the fight.  You could see he was picking his punches carefully.  You could see at the end of the rounds he was looking pretty good.  Going into the 2nd and 3rd rounds, he didn't seem that tired. 

Although Alistair played the fight safe, he improved.  You may of noticed the former K-1 Grand Prix Champion didn't kick much, probably because so Mir couldn't catch his leg and get him in a submission.  A submission was the only chance Frank had to win, and even that didn't work.

To the point of this post.  Will Alistair Overeem rise to the top of the UFC Heavyweight leaderboard like he was, just over 2 years ago?  I definitely think so.  Alistair, as he verses a more challenging opponent, possibly Junior Dos Santos, will take chances by using leg kicks, etc.  He will give it his 100%.  He will fight smart.  Alistair Overeem has the strength, has the ability, has the skills to become the Heavyweight Champion.  If he wanted to, I think he could beat Cain Velasquez. 

Overeem will probably fight JDS in a few months, and then if he wins, will get a shot at the title.  I would like to see Alistair take the belt, so I'm hoping the winner of Brown vs. Werdum beats Cain.  HIGHLY doubtful though.  Neither of the two are amazing fighters, like Velasquez is.  It's the truth.  Say Travis is the champion when The Reem could get a title shot, he has a way better of winning the belt. 

Time will tell.  I think Alistair Overeem will rise to the top, and become the champion.  What do you think?

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